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VNClagoon is an integrated business software framework consisting of highly exile components and open interfaces that can be operated in any environment.

VNClagoon covers all aspects of a modern, powerful private Cloud application environment – from back end and server infrastructure, to customizable applications, middleware components and a beautiful user interface running on any device.

Included Products

Email & Groupware
Social Media & Collaboration
Portals & Document Management Systems
Unified Communication based upon WebRTC
Project Management & HelpDesk Solutions
File Sync & Share
Client Backup
Infrastructure Management

VNClagoon Layers

The architecture of VNClagoon is very transparent. We have broken it down into four layers.
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Built using Market Leading Components

HTML5, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Gulp, Bower and more

VNCuxf (VNC user experience framework) is the single page web front-end developed by VNC, allowing easy and nearly unrestricted development of customer specific UX (user experience) as well as UI (user interface / visual design) on top of VNClagoon business software products.

VNClagoon Built Strong

Built on top of open source and proud of it

VNClagoon is built on top of open source or commercial open source components. VNC is permanently monitoring the open source communities to select only best-of-class, sustainable and mature core technologies and components like OpenShift, JBOSS, GlusterFS (RedHat) or Debian based KVM-proxmox, DRBD etc. as well as leading business software core products like Redmine, Zimbra, Plone, Prosody, Odoo, and others.

VNClagoon Features

VNClagoon provides our users with the tools they need

VNC Infrastructure Components

We call it “VNC Cloud Infrastructure Stack”

VNC developed its own so called "VNC Cloud Infrastructure Stack" which is entirely based on leading open source (LINUX) components. The unique VNC Infrastructure Stack combines standardized but open structures with proven, reliable hardware and software components, resulting in high performance and availability, extreme customizability and fast integration. It includes components for scalable storage systems, virtualization, backup and monitoring.

Our infrastructure solutions provide a maximum of flexibility and freedom of choice. Their capacity can be scaled up or down to meet current requirements - without large investment. Virtualization of servers and storage guarantees high failure safety and performance - while reducing operating costs by up to 50%. Secure components make sure that businesses always remain in control of data and applications.

Technical Background

The VNCinfrastructure-stack is build on top of either Debian / Ubuntu KVM-proxmox and DRBD or alternatively on the RedHat suite (OpenShift, CloudForms, GlusterFS, Ceph, etc.). Monitoring is implemented with the help of Icinga which allows a seamless controlling of any component - hardware and software processes - and triggers the creation of tickets in VNCproject in case of an emergency or delayed action by service desk members.

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VNC develops powerful Commercial Open Source software solutions enabling organizations and businesses to fully leverage their existing potential. Our solutions are not only significantly more affordable than comparable commercial offerings. They are also much more secure - on several levels.

Browser-based architectures and exible interfaces enable users to access data and applications no matter where they are, or what device they are using. All information can easily be shared for collaboration with team members, partners, clients or suppliers, making sure that information only gets where it is intended to go.

Our products cover all major business areas - from secure communication and contact management, marketing and production to ERP and project management.

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